Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 009, 009CD, 009DL

The follow-up to the original and this time extended to a whole LP. It's packed with contemporary classics from start to finish but this is no mere compilation of heavyweight cuts thrown together, it's a lovingly selected group of tracks designed to complement each other perfectly while each stands out in its own musical light. Contributors include Night System, Flemming Dalum, Mark Du Mosch, Serious Lover, Spruxxx, Martin Aston, Bill Ambrose, Brassica, Tommy Walker 3, Ali Renault and Meschi...

1. Night System - Flight To Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum remix)
2. Serious Lover - Got It Wrong
3. Spruxxx & Bill Ambrose - Bad Lovers Bad Drivers
4. Tommy Walker - Let's Not Go
5. Mark Du Mosch - Pacifix
6. Martin Aston - Mamasita
7. Bill Ambrose - Pariah
8. Brassica - Lydden Circuit
9. Ali Renault - Deep Sea Pumas
10. Spruxxx & Ali Renault - Blades
11. Meschi - Arctic Wolf (End Credits)

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Messages From The Void Vol. 2