Ali Renault album

Ali Renault

Ali Renault LP

Release date: 09/11/11

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 011, 011CD, 011DL

Cyber Dance Records is very proud to present the debut solo album from one of our founder members ALI RENAULT, available on 2xLP gatefold, CD and digital download formats. Featuring 8 tracks of what can only be described as "pure synth music", Ali's influences from Italo, Electro, Pop and Metal can all be felt equally, from the beautiful and finely-crafted vocal cuts with FRED VENTURA and MARIKA GAUCI to the trademark slo-throb-bas-trumental jams of the now-classic 'Zombie Raffle' and 'Pagan Run'. Full of depth (as in 'Mont Chaberton') and humour (the intro to 'Flies A Kungan') in equal measures, this is an album in the traditional sense of the word - a collection of 8 tracks balancing each other out and flowing perfectly to create a well-rounded whole. And of course it's got more Roland SH-101 on it than you can shake a stick at. It's available through all the usual outlets at a very reasonable price, don't miss out on this one as copies are limited and demand is high!

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Tommy Walker 3 - Dance, Music, Clubbing

Tommy Walker 3

Dance, Music, Clubbing

Release date: 31/10/11

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 010, 010DL

Chester's craziest electro-funk wizard presents his first full-length EP for Cyber Dance, featuring 5 tracks overbrimming with grooves, live instrumentation and psychedelic electronics. An ultimate DJ battle weapon that you do not want to be without!

1. Disconnectewd
2. MWJ1
3. School File
4. Errational
5. V Brains

Genre(s): disco, electro, funk

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Messages From The Void Vol. 2


Messages From The Void Vol. 2

Release date: 01/04/11

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 009, 009CD, 009DL

The follow-up to the original and this time extended to a whole LP. It's packed with contemporary classics from start to finish but this is no mere compilation of heavyweight cuts thrown together, it's a lovingly selected group of tracks designed to complement each other perfectly while each stands out in its own musical light. Contributors include Night System, Flemming Dalum, Mark Du Mosch, Serious Lover, Spruxxx, Martin Aston, Bill Ambrose, Brassica, Tommy Walker 3, Ali Renault and Meschi...

1. Night System - Flight To Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum remix)
2. Serious Lover - Got It Wrong
3. Spruxxx & Bill Ambrose - Bad Lovers Bad Drivers
4. Tommy Walker - Let's Not Go
5. Mark Du Mosch - Pacifix
6. Martin Aston - Mamasita
7. Bill Ambrose - Pariah
8. Brassica - Lydden Circuit
9. Ali Renault - Deep Sea Pumas
10. Spruxxx & Ali Renault - Blades
11. Meschi - Arctic Wolf (End Credits)

Genre(s): disco, italo, electro, synthwave

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Andy Romano

Andy Romano EP

Release date: 01/09/10

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 007

Andy Romano found fame producing for Fred Ventura and Flashback Records and is one of the few remaining Italo producers in Italy, which is even more incredible considering how young he is! 'Every Time Feel Allright' has rapidly become a modern Italo classic and the b-sides 'L'Amour Robotique' and 'Sayonara Robot' are every bit as good. It's no surprise that this one disappeared from the shelves quickly and is now commanding sky-high prices on Discogs and the like... If you can still find yourself a copy you won't be disappointed!

1. Every Time Feel Allright
2. Every Time Feel Allright (Instrumental)
3. L' Amour Robotique
4. Sayonara Robot

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Mark Du Mosch

Cold Sweat EP

Release date: 31/01/10

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 006

A mighty 5-track EP from our dear friend Mark Du Mosch, by now tried and tested on many a dancefloor and never ever failing to blow the place up. This EP has it all - Viewlexx-style Dutch electro ('Revenger'), house ('Cold Sweat'), chicago house ('Satical'), Italo ('Now Or Never') and mind-melting acid ('The System'). Very few copies left...

1. Cold Sweat
2. Revenger
3. Now Or Never
4. Satical
5. The System

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Somewhere Out On The Nightside EP

Release date: 01/11/09

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 005

Introducing a new round of London underground talent on this mini-compilation, including Bill Ambrose's anthem to mental illness 'Paranoia', Brassica's dark and epic 'Ballo Dei Morti', Serious Lover's seriously funky 'Serious Love' and Melanie Houston's beatless melodic industrial instrumental 'Last Goodbye'. We still have a box left, but probably not for long with the rising fame of some of the artists involved - move fast!

1. Brassica - Ballo Dei Morti
2. Serious Lover - Serious Love
3. Bill Ambrose - Paranoia
4. Melanie Houston - Last Goodbye

Genre(s): italo, electro, techno

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Matzo & Pauli

Matzo & Pauli EP

Release date: 02/02/09

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 004

After their debut EP for Viewlexx expectations couldn't possibly be higher, but Matzo & Pauli delivered again in true style on this awesome slo-mo electro 4-tracker. We're completely out of stock on this one so if you find any copies left anywhere, grab them before the price gets too high!

1. Kommaah!
2. We Are
3. Drama
4. G.D.C.

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Wings Of Destiny EP

Release date: 20/10/08

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 003

Released rapidly after 'Messages From The Void' this EP could almost be considered its "other half". Tommy Walker 3 and Casionova return bringing 'Jose' and 'Glades' respectively, while the EP also features the debut release of Cyber Dance co-founder Spruxxx in the shape of the mini-epic electro classic 'Ghetto Bird' and Muravchix's tribute to Magic Waves Internet Radio 'Surfing On Magic Waves'. A few extra copies were uncovered recently, but not many, so hurry if you don't have this one already!

1. Muravchix - Surfing On The Magic Wave
2. Tommy Walker 3 - Jose
3. Spruxxx - Ghetto Bird
4. Casionova - Glades

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Messages From The Void - EP

Release date: 14/07/08

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 002

The original Messages From The Void compilation, packed with Cyber Dance classics from the likes of Tommy Walker 3 ('Triangle'), Casionova ('The Visionary') and Ali Renault ('DX Styalize') and also including the legendary Mr Pauli remix of Ali's track 'Zombie Raffle'. Get in!

1. Casionova - The Visionary
2. Tommy Walker 3 - Triangle
3. Ali Renault - Zombie Raffle (Mr Pauli's Revenge)
4. Ali Renault - DX Styalize

Genre(s): italo, electro

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Ali Renault / Casionova

Electryck Magyck - EP

Release date: 01/10/05

Catalogue number: Cyber Dance 001

The one where it all began back in January 2005. Ali's side features 2 electro-italo bombs, 'Victory Horn' and 'Valentine', reminiscent in equal measures of Miro Miroe and Drexciya, while Casio delivers his first ever release 'Jam All Night (Parts 1 & 2)', a demo-style epic of over-cranked hardware jamming... Grab it while copies remain!

1. Casionova - Jam All Night (Parts 1 & 2)
2. Ali Renault - Valentine
3. Ali Renault - Victory Horn

Genre(s): italo, electro

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